Before Frankie & Johnnie’s was the home of the incredible pizza you know the location was actually a gas station. In 1969 John and Frank Daniele, both Italian barbers – yes barbers, decided they wanted to start this business. Over the next year they began transforming the gas station into what we know today and in 1970 Frankie & Johnnie’s was officially born.

These two extremely hardworking Italian natives rapidly grew their business into a successful pizza and grinder shop because they use “old-fashioned values” which included their focus on customer service, fair price and a quality product.

In the early 80s John Daniele came up with the slogan “stop in and eat or we’ll both starve” – a slogan today that Frankie & Johnnie’s have become famous for.

Today Frankie & Johnnie’s is owned by Leon and Jill Giard who have nearly 30 years of experience between them at Frankie & Johnnie’s. When Leon and Jill are asked what makes Frankie & Johnnie’s special… they say, “That’s easy! First we have kept the homemade recipes that made have been here for over four decades. Secondly we always remember what John and Frank taught. Treat people like they matter every day!”

At Frankie & Johnnie’s they take this seriously and invite you in to see for yourself – enjoy an old time service experience… where they will learn your name and what you eat!